Whether you are a startup or an existing company that is successful in the market, continuous investment in development and business innovation is essential for achieving competitiveness and expanding the business on the market. For successful business operations, progress and a secure future, we offer the following services:

Preincubation and incubation services

support for startups' early-stage development. We provide mentoring and expert advice to newly established companies to help them turn their business ideas into a successful entrepreneurial venture.

Business and marketing services

services for existing businesses focused on business consulting in the following areas: business planning and development, preparation of investment studies, preparation of business and marketing plans, preparation of applications for EU funds and other international funds, financial management, costs, marketing and human resources.

Technology services

services for technology-oriented companies include the following: providing technology services in the field of rapid prototype manufacturing, high speed metalworking, automation and robotics.

Networking and Internationalization Services (EEN)

onsulting services for all existing companies that are export - intensive and offering support in the process of business internationalization of, primarily through the use of European Business Network (EEN) services.

Using a Virtual Incubator

A Web platform for startups and existing companies aimed at supporting their development. Users will be provided with access to business information, seminars that will be held in the incubator, networking opportunities with other entrepreneurs and support institutions, presentation of products on the incubator website, and use of business databases.

Technology incubator Nova Gradiška

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Centar za tehnološki razvoj
Centar za razvoj Brodsko-posavske županije d.o.o.

Trg pobjede 26a,

35000 Slavonski Brod

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Nova Gradiška
City Nova Gradiška

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35400 Nova Gradiška

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